Kenneth Bertholf, Jr., Director

Ken has spent his working career in banking over the past 40 years within Blairstown and being known as the “Local Mayor.” Ken is involved within the community serving as a Trustee of the Blairstown Catherine Dickson Hofman Library for the past 35 years and in an advisory role to Ridge and Valley Land Trust at Blairstown.

He has served in the past as President of the Warren County Bankers, President of the NJ Safe Deposit Box Association, and Chairman of the Board of Adjustment Land Use. Ken has been involved with Happiness Is Camping as a Board member for many years.

Loving local history, Ken has published two books: Blairstown in 1998 & Blairstown and It’s Neighbors in 2011. Ken is a fourth generation resident of Blairstown, New Jersey. He resides with Bonnie, his wife of 35 years.

Ken has two daughters, Kimberly and Nicole, with Kimberly having two children, Audrey and Landon.