June 27, 2021 – July 30, 2021 all-day
Counselor and Mentorship Program (CAMP)

We are excited to host our award-winning Counselor and Mentorship Program for the fourth time next summer! CAMP is available to 16-year-old children with cancer and siblings and will run concurrently with summer camp.

CAMPers participate in STEM workshops each morning and learn how to 3-D print, build robots, program computers, and much more. They also learn valuable life skills that include basic cooking, first aid, doing laundry,  interviewing for jobs, changing a car tire, and jumping a car battery. CAMPers also participate in college prep courses that include college major research, essay writing, and SAT prep. All CAMPers will participate in a Counselor-In-Training program in which they will assist younger cabins and leave with valuable work experience. Lastly, CAMPers attend a series of guest speaker seminars that included in 2019 a retired US Navy SEAL Captain, an architect who worked on the UN Building and Google headquarters, a US Olympian, and two scientists who are currently developing an alternative to traditional chemotherapy.

While not attending sessions, CAMPers participate in traditional camp activities with other campers. To learn more about CAMP, email Ryan Campbell at ryan@happinessiscamping.org.