Open-Concept Gingerbread Houses: HIC’s Holiday Party Recap

On Saturday, December 1, Happiness Is Camping hosted its Second Annual Holiday Party. The party was attended by over 50 members of HIC’s community and included campers (both current and past), counselors, volunteers, and Board Members. Santa took time out of his busy schedule to take pictures and hand out gifts, including Game Stop gift cards, board games, action figures, dolls, and even a small drone (looks like Santa forgot the dog we’ve been asking for).

Some party-goers even designed their own gingerbread houses. They say a mess is a sign of genius, and if that’s the case, I’d say we have a few Picasso’s at camp. During the construction, one of our campers accidentally knocked down two walls of his gingerbread house. “Oh well, I guess it’s open-concept now.” We had an unofficial “Ugly Sweater Contest,” and Board President/Camp Nurse Laura won by a landslide. However, she actually looked quite dashing in her Christmas ensemble, so we’ll have to change her award to “Best Dressed” instead. Here is a picture of Laura’s outfit.

Last, we had an unexpected visitor at the Holiday Party…a mama bobcat and her kitten! Santa is escorted by his reindeer. At camp, you’re escorted back to your car by a bobcat. If only we had that dog…

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