We are a free camp serving the families of children with cancer and sickle cell disease. HIC’s summer camp operates for four weeklong sessions each summer, and campers are eligible to attend any and all sessions depending on their doctor’s approval. Our main goal is to simply lets kids with cancer and sickle cell be kids again. Therefore, our program is designed like any traditional camp. Campers climb the high ropes, shoot archery, swim in the pool, play sports, make crafts, and compete in our annual Cabin Wars competition. Over the course of the summer, HIC hosts up to 350 children from over 15 different area hospitals.

Our fully-equipped health center allows us to welcome even the sickest children on active treatment. Our dedicated staff includes specially-trained physicians and nurses. They reside in our health center and provide 24-hour medical supervision. The center is equipped to handle on-going care, thus enabling us to welcome children who require oral and/or IVP chemotherapy, children at serious risk of bleeding and pain crises, and children with significant physical disabilities. In addition to administering to campers’ health needs, our medical team also enjoys participating in all camp activities. This offers our campers the opportunity to socialize with their physicians and nurses and view these caregivers in a warm, non-clinical light.

Organizational Information

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