Any child with cancer and their siblings, age 6 to 17 years, are welcome at Happiness Is Camping. Summer Camp is for children age 6-15 years, while the Counselor and Mentorship Program and College Prep Camp are for 16- and 17-year-olds. All that is required is that the child’s personal physician determine the child well enough to attend. All applications are reviewed by the camp medical staff for final approval. You must present evidence of health insurance and/or Medicaid. A medical form is part of the application and must be completed. For children on treatment there is an additional medical form to be filled in by the oncology team with detailed instructions on what the child will need while at camp. Special permission forms are included in the application package and must be signed by a parent or guardian. Happiness Is Camping includes sessions for our campers’ siblings all summer.

Please note: Our Medical Council has determined that everyone ages 5 and up must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19  in order to attend any of our programs. Click here to learn about the CDC’s definition of “fully vaccinated.” View answers to our COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs here.

Happiness Is Camping is Free...

The Board of Directors of Happiness Is Camping realizes that illnesses, especially cancer, are expensive. For this reason, they’ve worked hard to build a financial base, centered upon contributions and volunteer services, that allows them to offer the camp program at no cost to you. Donations are accepted, but under no circumstances will a child with cancer be turned away for lack of money. Included in the camp “package” is all medical care, food, and activities.


With the sacrifices many families must make to care for a sick child, siblings can sometimes feel a bit left out. Including siblings is intended to help the brothers and sisters of our campers feel special, too.