Who may attend?

Summer Camp is for children who have or had cancer and their siblings ages 6-15 years. Oncology Teen Programs are for 16-year-old teens who had or have cancer and siblings. Oncology Family Camp is for children who have or had cancer, aged 6-17, and their immediate families. Sickle Cell Family Camp is for children with sickle cell disease, ages 5-12, and their immediate family members.

What are this year's dates?
When do I need to apply?

Registration is now open! View our list of Programs to sign up.

Do you provide transportation?

Transportation may be provided upon request. We encourage you to carpool with other camper families. Public transportation is very limited and inconvenient.

What do I bring?

An ample supply of prescribed medications with detailed instructions for their dosage and use. All medications should be in their original containers. Children should bring inexpensive clothing, linen, sleeping bag, pillow, shoes, toiletries, jackets, etc. A list will be provided for you. For a detailed list, click here.

What if I need treatment, to check blood counts, etc.?

The camp houses a fully equipped health center. Our dedicated medical staff always includes specially-trained physicians and nursing staff. They reside at the camp’s health center and provide 24-hour medical supervision. The center is equipped to handle ongoing care, thus enabling the camp to welcome children who require oral and/or IVP chemotherapy, children at serious risk of bleeding and pain crises, and children with significant physical disabilities.

What do I need to do?

Your child’s personal physician must determine the child well enough to attend. All applications are reviewed by the camp medical staff for final approval. Please review the Paperwork Requirements to Attend.

Is there a fee?

No. Donations are accepted here, but under no circumstances will a child be turned away for not donating.

How many sessions may I attend?

Campers may attend from one to all sessions. Siblings may attend from one to all sessions (space permitting). You can find more information about the sessions here.

How about my sibling?

Happiness Is Camping is a camp for kids with cancer and sickle cell. All immediate family members are invited to Family Camp, and siblings are invited to Summer Camp. Brothers and sisters may only attend Summer Camp with their sibling with cancer. Siblings may attend all sessions, space permitting. If the camper needs to leave camp for any reason, all siblings must also depart. Please see our camp schedule for session dates.

Are you accredited?

We are fully accredited by the American Camp Association and we belong to the Children’s Oncology Camping Association.

What activities do you have?

Daily activities include: swimming, fishing, archery, ropes, boating, arts & crafts, drama, indoor and outdoor sports, and much more. You can find more information about the activities we have here.